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The guide to friendship - chapter 3

August 4, 2015


I was awoken this morning by the light pouring through my ‘curtains’, I say it like that because seeing as my mum is an artist she thinks her talent extends to sewing. It doesn’t.

Anyway I’m writing this at break. Once I’d dragged myself up I stood in front of my mirror and dragged my brush through the rats tails most people call hair. Then I dragged myself downstairs.

Barney, Charlie and the twiddle idiots where already seated with mum serving up bowls of ceral and dad reading the paper like he always does.

“Hey Nikki.” Barney grinned. “Guess what today is?”

I sighed. “First day of a new school, again.”

“No, well, yes, but not just that. I have a job interview today.” Barney said, grin getting even wider. He has a job interview for some dumb office job. Personally I don’t get what’s so interesting about telling some old person interesting rubbish, but he thinks it’s a good job…

“Don’t bother to wish me luck then.” Barney snapped as he and Charlie got their stuff ready. Just because I don’t reply in 30 seconds…

“Good luck.” I waved them of, doing my best to look cheerful. Hey, don’t judge me, I was nervous okay?

Anyway the twiddle idiots where next to me having a spoon fight. Yes a spoon fight, E.G. flicking spoons at each other. They’re so mature…then Molly’s spoon landed in my lap and I naturally started screaming because I wasn’t expecting said spoon and then mum blames me for ‘upsetting your dad’.

Yeah, he’s not fond of loud noises; I think it comes from dropping boxes all day. Mum was conveniently not noticing Megan grinning like a loony. I’m sure she does it deliberately to wind me up. That applies to both mum and Megan, at least Molly had the decency to pick said spoon of my lap with a quiet ‘Sorry, Nikki.’ I must admit out of the pair she’s the one I feel less like strangling. Megan’s just annoying.

Anyway we finally made it to school and the first thing I had to do was go to the head-teachers office in order to be shown my classroom. So, naturally, I asked a couple of other kids. They had no idea. Great start. Then I bumped into an older girl who doubled as the head girl of the school who kindly showed me where the office was.

So after thanking her I knocked and waited. Then knocked again. “Come in.” This frail voice echoed behind the door. So I went in and saw this woman with a face like a prune sitting behind the desk. She had sort of steely eyes, like mum’s becomes when dad annoys her. “You must be Nikki Roi.” The women said. “I’m Miss Frost.” And I almost burst out laughing because talk about an appropriate name! Anyway I managed not to and instead nodded.

So Miss Frost led the way to my classroom, although sadly she didn’t leave a trail of ice which was a shame because let’s face it that would be awesome!

Anyway I’m in class Year 7 KL, teacher Miss Libby. I was sat next to a girl called Hannah Joan, who had fiery red hair just like Megan and Molly’s which made me do a bit of a double take.

She looked at me. “What?”

“Nothing.” I sat down.

So we had English first, then break during which I did nothing. I think Hannah was meant to show me round but one of her mates, Carmen I think it was, dragged her away. Then we had Maths followed by science. Did I mention this was a Monday morning? Clearly this school loves torturing it’s pupils…

Then it was lunch and true to my worst nightmares the cafeteria served what they claimed to be ‘Sheppard Pie’ but I swear to god was last terms left-over mash with dog-food under it. It was disgusting, yeah, defiantly true, no matter what school you attend school dinners are the pits. True fact.

Oh, hold on a minute diary, Hannah’s coming over. 
So, this is chapter 3, the previous two are on my profile and chapter 4 should be on it's way soon. Roxy


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