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The Life of Police Officers Today

By: Lone Warrior WWII


Today, the life of a police officer is challenging. It's a wife waiting up until one o'clock in the morning to make sure her husband comes home safe. It's a nine year old daughter calling her daddy every few hours to make sure he's safe. It's seeing your comrades and friends being shot down in an ambush. It's facing a nation does not respect or appreciate you the way they should. Yet you still go out there every day because it's your duty, it's your job to serve and protect the people of this nation. You go out there every day to face the evil, the drug runners, the terrorists, and the mobs of this nation. You do it willingly and yet, how do the people of America repay you? You get shot at, there are rallies against you, bad newspaper articles are written about you. We should not judge a whole group of people because one officer shoots a black man. We should seek the right kind justice for police officers who would do that. We seem to forget the people target police officers with guns and knives. What would you do if you were under attack and all other means failed? They have to make split second decisions anyone would have trouble making and unfortunately some of those victims ended up dying but most of them just do what they are trained to do. What if you had a job you did to the best of your abilities and all of a sudden a large group of people that you protect on a daily basis turns against you? The same people your comrades laid down there life for. It's not about black or white or any other color, it's about doing your job as a police officer whether it's a traffic stop or stopping a man with a gun. They don't get enough credit for hard choices they have to make on a daily basis.
    As a nation, we have to relearn to respect law enforcement officers again. It seems that we often forget what our nation was founded on: "One nation under God" As a teenager growing up in this country, I see the division and the heartache. I am afraid to turn on the news because I am saddened of what I see- the disunity, the killing, the fighting. I would rather grow up in a country that is united like our founding fathers intended. We need to rise up and take a stand for what is wrong for the good of this country if it is ever going to be great again. So what do we need to do to make that happen?

Peer Review

"It seems that we often forget what our nation was founded on: "One nation under God" - Very true! America was founded on God's Word. He has blessed us, but we have forgotten that, and now we are suffering the consequences of turning the other way.

Truth! Finally someone sharing the truth!

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Reviewer Comments

The first thing that came into my mind when I read this was: "Yes! Finally someone honoring our local police force! AND mentioning who is really behind this country (God)!" *Clapping* Well done! You nailed this one!
Keep up the awesome work! God bless America! :)