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By: Demory

I will erase the first draft.
There will not be another.
Undo every word.

I will delete my work,
remove ideas without remorse,
and shut down.

The viral hope
that my thoughts were worth reading - 
dragged to the trash file.

I skim over my heart,
burn the cliches,
proofread the dreams.

This has been said before.
This has been broken by its creator.
This has been blown apart.

Delete the belief
that I could be different.
Quit without saving.

Peer Review

Steady yet fast. Each stanza seemed to pick up a little tempo.

The poet uses metaphor to compare herself to computer commands.

Burn the cliches, proofread the dreams. It boils down so much of the writing process to just to simple things.

This poem made a strong impression on me, an impression that made me reflect on how I receive new ideas from others. I was left with a feeling of empathy at the end of the poem, understanding the struggle to be original.

Reviewer Comments

This might be the most moving piece I've read on WTW. Your metaphor to a computer provided the structure for you to explore the topic of originality, and your brief but powerful style of writing had me enthralled. Great work!