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By: Demory

I will erase the first draft,
There will not be another.
Undo every word.

I will delete my work,
remove ideas without remorse,
and shut down.

The corrupted hope
that my thoughts were worth reading - 
dragged to the trash file.

I skim over my heart,
burn the cliches,
proofread the dreams.

This has been said before.
This has been said better.
This has been berated by my worst critic.

Delete the belief
that I could be different.
Quit without saving.

Message to Readers

Critique as harshly as you can. I would especially like feedback on the second to last paragraph, and on the line about "corrupted hope" but anything would help!

Peer Review

It's very tight and concise. I like it, it flows well with the message in the poem.

This is actually very clear, it makes you realize or understand something simply because you've put it into words.

"Quit without saving." This hit me hard, because struggles are so important to becoming better and quitting without saving just makes my heart hurt. It drives home to me the desperation and frustration the author feels.

I felt... honest? I feel like I've been more understood and kind of inspired actually.

Reviewer Comments

You have so much to say and you can! You are going to be great! Do not fear cliches!! Make them your own! Tame the cliche and use it in a way that has never been used before! You are your own greatest enemy and you will do fabulously.