January 22, 2018


Here we stand
In a moment which seems to last forever
They said
You two would be cute together.

I smiled and thought
I wish.
His look said
There's plenty of fish.

I'm guessing they know the rest
And are wishing me all the best
But now I must confess...
I'm over here in a mess.

We've been friends for a while now
Been through thick and thin
Sometimes they still wonder how
I'm still 'just friends' with him.

I once made it clear
What he didn't want to hear
But now I must bear...
And pretend I really don't care.

So before you say we're 'cute'
And they break out in disputes
Then I'll have to resolute
Or else give you the boot:

I suggest and recommend
Before you say we're more than friends
A plea to shut up I extend
To you,
Before him you offend.

Although life may twist and bend,
Even against all ends:
No matter how much time we spend,
We'll never be more than friends?


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