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How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~ Winnie the Pooh


Are You Sure the Cat's Gone?

June 15, 2017

Once there were nine harmless mice. The Mom's name was Katherine, the Dad's name was Matthew, with seven young mice: Peter, Chip, Sassie, Drew, Twitter, Tina, and Little James. As all mice do, these ones ate . . . A LOT. Especially Twitter. She was, as her family called her, the "Snack Thief". So Dad and Mom mouse were always looking about the human's kitchen and pantry for a tidbit here and a tidbit there. There was a "family favorite" food in the pantry. Macaroni. Little James loved Macaroni, because it was easy for him to eat.
   Thankfully, there was one ally in the human family, Alice. She felt sorry for the little mice, so whenever she saw them scurrying here and there, she picked up Lizzie, the lazy family cat, and locked her up in her bedroom. Always putting her on the bed so that the cat would be comfortable. Lizzie was the most dangerous threat to the mouse family, with her sharp, glinting claws, and alert yellow eyes. 
   But Alice was not always there to put the cat away, so the mice tried to keep out of the living-room. Which is where Lizzie liked best. So one day, Daddy and Mommy mouse slyly and carefully made their way to the pantry. Alice wasn't home, she was at the store with her mom. The little mice pushed and shoved, pushed and shoved, at the pantry door. But it wouldn't open! Whispering among themselves, daddy and mommy mouse decided to create a mouse chain. They called their children, and had daddy standing on the bottom, mommy on his shoulders, then Peter, Chip, Sassie, Drew, Twitter, Tina, and last but not least, Little James. Who turned the door knob for all he was worth, until it clicked. The chain moved backwards a little, and then they climbed off of each other.
   Shooing the little mice back to their hole, mommy and daddy mouse pushed the door until it was two inches wide, then they quickly scampered inside. Mommy mouse went directly to the Macaroni box and began to gnaw a hole in the cardboard. Daddy mouse went to a cereal box and did the same. It took some doing, but a tiny hole finally appeared in each of the boxes. Success! They got as much as their tiny paws could hold, then ran out of the pantry. The mice made five more trips, and on the sixth one, Alice came through the front door with her arms full of groceries. Lizzie came over and rubbed against Alice's legs, purring contentedly.
   Then Lizzie caught sight of the two mice. Alice saw them, but couldn't do anything. Lizzie looked just like an orange lightning streak as she raced across the floor. Mom and Dad mouse dropped their load of cheese and raced across the kitchen floor.
   And just in time, made it into their hole. 


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  • Juniper Daily

    This is a very interesting and creative story!!

    over 2 years ago