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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my account! I'm glad you're here! I love historical fiction, and am a huge fan of psychological thriller and real-life Drama. So yeah, I hope you enjoy reading my work!

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Welcome to my Dashboard! Make sure to review my work and let me know what you think. I will be eternally grateful! You can also find me now on Tumblr at https://m-elyse-lynch.tumblr.com/ if you're interested in following me and checking out my writing on my blog.

To See Through Walls

June 3, 2017

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

Should you be able to see through solid walls? Should you be able to piece them with your gaze and observe what can be found behind them? I don't know, but I can. And from behind my bedroom wall, I can see a frozen silhouette, shrouded in the impenetrable blackness of the night, made of nothing more than ivory bones and weathered flesh, so still it could have been easily mistaken as a statue. It took me many nights to realise, but I eventually figured it out. Since the day in which I turned five, Death had been watching me as I slept. 


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