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New Beginnings

August 6, 2015

1) Why am I the only girl. This whole school I'm the only girl. Usually this is any girl's dream, but not me. Having lots, and I mean LOTS, of boys lusting after you is pretty stressful. Breaking hearts is the one thing I hat doing and it seems like I'll be doing that often.

2) Her eyes were the purest purple I've ever seen, her hair the blackest shadow on a moonless night, her skin the color of sweet mocha. I want her. Oneday she'll be all mine; no one would ever touch her again.

3) Why is it so sunny; I just want to sleep for a little longer.If that's your first thought then your day will be crappy. Everytime I thought of something negative in the morning something bad happened later on. So it's been my goal to only think positive.

4) Music is life. I function better when Jhene Aiko comes on, she's a musical goddess. Without music life would be pretty boring for me.

5) What's that? I think I need glasses or I'm dreaming. Yup it's the second answer, purple cows don't exist. Why am I dreaming, I'm in class suppose to be learning math.


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