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By: RedWriter


Family- never take it for granted. Not that weird cousin that keeps calling you, or that odd uncle that only wear's his hat to the car or that aunt that insists on coming over just to hug you.

Never take Family for granted

Not your funny brother

Not your creative sister

Not your ingenious mother

Not your lovable father

Not your eccentric grandparents

Not your inspirational great grandmother

Never take them for granted
They are worth so much.

Love your family, even if they can't all be here.

Peer Review

"Never take them for granted They are worth so much." - Because I tend to take my family for granted. Then when one of them goes away (either temporarily, or permanently), then I'm reminded how much they mean to me.

Passion. To make my family feel like the most loved, the most listened to, and the most awesome family ever! :)

How many people do you have in your family?

Reviewer Comments

Excellent job with this piece! And thank you for writing about never taking family for granted. It's something that I need to be reminded of over and over again. :) God bless!