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A Night In January

June 2, 2017


The sun had set over an hour earlier. I had come outside to check on the horses, because I was worried about Opal, who was due to foal any time. I had never liked the dark, but knew my brothers would laugh at me if I brought a flashlight out with me. The moon was full, and the stars twinkled in the clear sky. The biting air was typical for January, but I could feel that something was terribly wrong. I shivered with a blast of chilly wind, then a coyote yipped, and was quickly joined by many others. The shadows in the barnyard seemed to darken and jump out at me. I quickened my pace.
   Once I had checked on the horses, I was about to open the barn door to go back to the house, when suddenly, I saw a pale face staring at me through the dirty, glass window. Its eyes were so black, they looked empty. Unkempt, dark brown hair hung down over half its face. 
   I screamed. Blinked once. Then it was gone. 


After seeing "it" through the window, I decided to stay in the barn. Around 10 o'clock, the door creaked open, and I almost jumped out of my skin in fright. But then I heard my dad's gentle voice. "Lydia? Honey? Are you in here?" 
   I ran out from behind the hay bales and into my dad's arms. He held me for a second before asking, "Why are you in here? It's been over an hour." His eyes were concerned. 
   My mind froze. How could I tell him? That I had seen a face in the window? What could he do about it? Would he even believe me? These questions ran around in circles, chasing each other wildly. I forgot to answer him as I stared off in space. 
"Lydia, what's wrong?" I came back to reality. I needed to tell my dad. 
   Taking a deep breath, I told him about seeing the face in the window. He didn't say anything for a full minute. But gazed into my green eyes. Searching. "Are you sure that your mind didn't make it up? You were really scared to come out here alone. I could've come with you if you'd asked." His voice stayed soft. 
   I let out a sigh. "You could be right. It was dark after all. And how could it have disappeared so quickly?" I let out a shaky laugh. Dad smiled warmly. 
   "Let's go back to the house. Your mom's been worried." 



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