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Sunglasses - Through My Eyes

May 31, 2017


Sunglasses: Through My Eyes

My name is Sunglasses. Original, I know. But it certainly isn’t my fault that I have no name! I can’t speak, move, or do anything, really. My owner first pulled me off a store rack when the first warm weather hit Oregon in June. All the other shoppers took my cool friends away. The ones who were violet and rainbow colored. Me, I’m just plain black. Though plain is probably too much of a decorative term.
After about a month, no one had bought me for their own, until one day, I saw the re-stocker’s big hand reach toward me, and I started panicking. Not that a pair of sunglasses can hyperventilate. (Good thing for anyone who wears me). When a young shopper, maybe in her early teen years, pulled me off the rack, and out of range of the man’s arm.
She smiled at the man, and said, looking at me: “I want this one. All for my own.”
This is when I surveyed her closely. True, she wasn’t like all the other shoppers, who flashed by with their stylish clothing, and nicely manicured nails. This girl was rather plain in her pink t-shirt and faded jeans, but there was something in her eyes. Something sincere. Which I had never seen before. As if she had forethought to get me. To make me hers.
Her grip was gentle, yet firm. Blonde hair framed two sparkling, green eyes, with dots of blue and gold twinkling mischievously in the light. After purchasing me at the counter, she slipped me onto her face, darkening the scenery around us. It was amazing to see through her eyes! She saw the world as it was. A place in desperate need of something. Someone.
I saw love through her eyes. Love for everyone around her. I felt touched that my owner had chosen me. Me, the plainest pair of sunglasses on that rack. She choose me to be hers, which made me feel warm, special, and loved.



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