I want to write stuff and get better at it, so here I am. I enjoy reading, writing, editing and developing concepts. I have an obsession with dragons and a love for the world of fantasy and magic.

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Um... I wrote this because yeah... But if the whole "skin changer" and "immortal" thing does not make sense, just let me know. It's based off this idea of mine that I had years ago and have actually spent time looking into after noticing there are plenty of vampire and werewolf books but not so much about shape shifters, or shape changers or whatever... Well, I have created a 'thing' on it, so lemme know if you want to hear about it or anything else. Please tell me what you think :)


July 17, 2017


A face contorted into a gruesome scowl rolls across the dust settled on wooden floorboards. A slow steady drip begins, breaking the silence of the dark room. Within the pitch black, hands fumble at their neck, confused in their search for a vital body part. That vital body part which is now rolling across the floor.
 "You won't be needing this, will you, Headless?" hisses a mocking male voice from within the darkness, an everlasting darkness for the figure lacking the weight of a head upon his neck. The man ungracefully grasps the head's hair before tossing it across the large empty room. A dull splat and thud rebound through the atmosphere. Hands grasp at their throat, searching for a voice only to find a wet stump. Headless shuffles forwards, air wheezing through his throat. Why won't he die?
"Such a sorry sight!" exclaims a woman, audibly dissatisfied by what she sees. "And you call this entertainment? What kind of sorcery is this?"
"My love," begins the man, "this is no sorcery. I truly did take his head."
"Yet he did not die?" 
Footsteps echo through the darkness whilst hands, now bloodied continue to probe the stump of a neck. Headless tries to speak only to let out a gurgle of blood. A spark of light fills the room as a woman, high in stature and nobility, holds a lantern.
In the light of the lantern, Headless stands, his feet planted as his hands continue to search for what is missing. The woman covers her mouth with a bony pale hand decorated in fine jewels and gold.
"What sort of trickery is this? Did you truly take off his head? Do my eyes deceive me?!" says the woman, shock and fear in her hazy blue eyes.
"I fear not, my love," murmurs the man as he treads slowly into the light, enjoying the suffering before him. "For Headless is one of the immortal."
"Immortal?!" shouts the woman. "There is no such thing!"
"Why, my love," says the man, "such follies do exist, right underneath our noses these vile beings reside." The man, ageless and surprisingly divine in appearance scowls at Headless.The woman glares at the man.
"You wouldn't happen to be one of those beings would you, Joseph?" questions the woman, backing away from the man she now sees as mad.
"My love," he whispers with a polite smile and a glint in his bright green eyes. "You are correct, I am in fact a skin changer."
"Aren't you going to kill me now I know you are not human?" asks the woman as Headless ceases to fumble with his hands in his previously desperate search. Headless grows still and silent, as if listening. Joseph clicks his tongue.
"No, my love," he says with a sinister smile, "we only need to silence you." The woman pales, her heart palpitating in fear and anxiety. "Don't worry, it won't hurt, will it Headless?"
Headless runs forward, clumsy but fast in his movements. A scream fills the room before once again, blood splatters to the floor. 
"Now, now Tongueless," murmurs Joseph as the woman sobs to herself beneath the shadow of the headless man. "We have made history!"
Headless walks, his footsteps thudding on the floorboards and blood bubbling from his throat, before mounting a steed beneath the shadow of moonlight.
"Headless," sings Joseph beside the crying woman. "Headless on a horse! Headless the Horseman! Headless Horseman!"



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