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Icy's Indian

May 30, 2017


Icy's Indian

Peaceful sky, warm sun, sleepy clouds. Isn't that the typical beginning to an exciting adventure? Well that certainly was the truth in this story! Here we find a farmer boy:

Nathanael Basford was lying beside a tree, sucking on a dandelion stem, to see if dandelion milk was as good as people said that it was.
“Ah, blech!” He cried out in disgust, spitting out the flowered-weed.
“Haha! You're a sight! Haha!” Emily, his younger sister grinned and laughed in delight at her brother's obvious disdain.
“Go'n torture a crow or a squirrel!” He said, embarrassed to have been seen in such a manner.
Her hysterical laughter lingered behind her as she went back into the sturdy, white house. Nathanael's face was bright red, and his pride was still slightly stinging, so he went to the pump-house and washed his face. “Girls.” He muttered, wiping his face on a brown shirt sleeve. “Em'll have the whole story out in one shake of a rabbit's tail.” Nathanael was still muttering under his breath as he went into the barn to check on the mud-laden pigs.
Their happy grunts said all that needed to be said. Nathanael climbed up on top of the load of hay bales and looked out the barn window at the green pasture. Only Icy and her newborn calf were out on this grass. Suddenly, from the corner of his left eye, Nathanael saw movement. Quickly turning his head, Nathanael saw a man hiding behind a tree, on the very edge of the forest.
Almost calling out a greeting, Nathanael gasped as the man stepped out into better view, and saw that he was an Indian! The frightened boy gaped at the tall intruder, but then his mind kicked into action, and he scrambled down those bales, and tore across the dirt barnyard. His mama was knocking dust out of an old floor rug with a stick, when she saw her son.
“What is it, Nathanael?” She called out to him.
“Where's pa? There's an Indian in Icy's pasture!”
“Oh Lord!” The startled woman dropped what she had been holding, then raced to the back of the house, where Mr. Basford was working in the orchard.
“Nathanael saw an Indian down in the low pasture!” She told her husband, pointing in the general direction of the sighting.
Mr. Basford ran into the house and grabbed his shotgun. Nathanael came running in, with Emily right on his heels.
“You all stay in here.” Pa ordered, striding purposefully across the barnyard to the pasture.
When he got to the gate, he beheld a humorous sight: Icy was madder'n a hornet, and chasing that Indian all over the field. The Indian was running as fast as he could, his eyes were as big as dinner plates. When Icy chased him closer to the forest, that Indian made a running leap, and cleared that fence. He was out of sight in a second.
Pa chuckled, and called Icy. Who, after retrieving her calf, came lumbering up to the gate. After feeding her a handful of hay, he patted her, then went back to his anxious family, who were soon laughing over it. And that Indian never, ever came back.


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