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By: Marci Goodwin


    You often see them in their younger years; vulnerable, wandering. You see them when they are trying to discover who they are. You see them warily glance at others, the ones they believe are "cooler" than themselves.
    These are a species known as the human mockingbirds. They mimic each and every thing their idols do. They envy the confidence others possess. They become obsessed in trying to imitate another. A bit of a puppy dog, actually. A little bit of Angela here, a little bit of Lindsay there, maybe a sprig or two of Mary. They mimic so often that they cannot find themselves in all of the clutter, in all the shards and pieces of the others. 
    After a while, they become immersed in the study of "how to be another person." They hardly know they are not themselves, since they have morphed into someone else. They lose themselves in the art of cloning. They could not recognize themselves in a mirror if they tried. They die, not knowing who they are.

This is what defines a mockingbird. 

Message to Readers

Please tell me where I would need to improve in my phrasing and grammar and the like. I appreciate any feedback. :)

Peer Review

The highlighted sentence. Because it's so true. Many people all over the world want to idolize a famous celebrity.

Sadness, and passion to tell those people that the only person they need to follow after is Jesus Christ. :)

What was your inspiration?

Reviewer Comments

Very well done! It reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus. The only One who I should fashion myself after. :) God bless!