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I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of stars makes me dream
vincent van gogh

"Happier", Ed Sheeran

May 28, 2017

PROMPT: Lyrics Unsung

All the lights are off. He peers through the curtain, again, letting in a sliver of light just to make sure it's till there. It's a beautiful day, one in which a regular person would be outside, enjoying life. He shuts the curtain again. if only going outside, was that easy. He's been in there for days, 3 to be exact. Ever since he'd seen hem walking down the street, it was then he had decided to not go outside. He looks across the room, empty bottles lay strewn across the floor, empty bags. He's almost out of food now, he knows that he'll eventually have to go out to the store. He knows he's not ready for this yet. There's also glass on the floor, next to hollowed out picture frames and torn up pieces of paper that had been ripped to shreds. It had only been a month, and she had already moved on. And he couldn't seem to do antyhing. 


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