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The Greatest Power

By: Caitlyn Mulcahy


Children are powerful. We demand attention.
With a tear we can draw every eye,
With a smile we can earn any trust,
With a word we can change your mind,
With a laugh we can make all listen. 
At a glance we can tell whether to approach or retreat,
At a glance we can tell what needs to be said. 
We can make you, adults, cry, frown, hope and regret. 
We can make you drive for hours,
Stay awake all night, Worry all day.
You are forced to trust us. Trust me. 
We hear everything, we understand the words and the pauses and the pain and the frustration. 
When you whisper to each other the walls become paper,
Even your shaking breath echoes around my room. 
We can make you angry, make your heart break.
Understand me dear adults, when I say, 
Children are powerful. 
But only so, when you need, you can be weak. 

Peer Review

Hard to say. There were a lot of good stuff. Nice usage of literary devices! I love it! XD

*glances at adult* hmmm -_-

What else do children do to adults? (especially them crazy kids who make their parents hair to grey early)

Reviewer Comments

Very nice! Love your usage of literary devices! Don't be afraid of
' ; ' and learn how to use them well. You don't need a comma at the end of every line in a poem. Just go with the flow! :) Good work!