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prompt: describe a color without naming it... i was listening to everybody talks by neon trees while writing this... it's unedited

color: yellow

May 26, 2017


It's the color of her laugh, that sweet color that bursts from her lips when you make a bad joke. When you dance, it's the color of her hair, wildly flinging from side to side as she dives into the music. It's her horrible bed head she gets in the morning when she wakes, the one she spends hours combing through and through just for it to be ruined the next day. It's her footprints as you walk on the beach with her, the ones you leave behind even when they wash up. It's the 'stay with me forever' color, the 'never leave' color, the color you squeeze tight and have tickle fights with. It's the 'forever young' color. The color that can't be afraid of endings, of goodbyes, because it has no idea what endings are. 


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