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Hail the Hero

By: Lone Warrior WWII


Dedicated to fallen soldiers of the United States Military
You Will Not Be Forgotten

Hail the hero
who's grit was proven
as he fought on land and sea 
and is proud to call himself a United States Marine

Hail the hero
who on the field of battle would not be moved
this with Army confidence he surely proved
as he witnessed the rockets red glare
the bombs bursting in air
and when he looked up his flag
was still there

Hail the hero
who water is his home as he roams from coast to coast
to this he can boast
he is protecting the homeland 
and will drive invaders back
with the Navy's mighty hand

Peer Review

'he is protecting the homeland' - Because that's why we have our military. They are protecting us because they love America.

Pride for our military.

Do you have relatives in the military who gave you inspiration for this piece?

Reviewer Comments

I like how you put in patriotic quotes from hymns and other poems to get your message across.
Two of my brothers are US Marines, so I really like the first paragraph. ;)
Keep up the good work! God bless!