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The Visit

By: Lone Warrior WWII

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

     The knock, the thing I have always been afraid would come. The smartly dressed soldiers walked up the the drive way to deliver the news. I ran up to my room and sat at the window seat that over looked my backyard. I have fond memories of the times Buck and I had played there. We would pretend we were exploring jungles in Asia, or blasting off in a rocket ship. Buck's favorite was when we played soldiers. He loved to pretend he was a famous general fighting his way across the forests of a make believe world he had in his mind. In that world right always won over wrong and heroes were crowned. A world were he could make battle plans and strategies. He had become a soldier, an officer at that. He had combat ribbons and awards but none of that mattered now. Mom and Dad talking to the soldiers jerked me out of my fantasies. Then I heard Mom crying. I buried my face into a pillow and cried as well. Buck was never coming back.

Peer Review

A hero dying for the country that he loves, and being honored by fellow soldiers and officers.

The emotion. I can appreciate this piece very much because I have two brothers currently serving in the military.

"Buck was never coming back."
"The knock, the thing I have always been afraid would come."

Sadness, pride, honor.
All of the above mentioned words. Memories from the past, coming together with the present to form a likeness of what Buck was like. A hero, proud to fight (and even die) for his country.

Sadness, heartbreak, yet pride and thankfulness. I'm thankful to all those who have served, or who are serving in the military!

Reviewer Comments

Excellent job on this piece! I like how you put in memories of Buck, and connected it to his time in the military.
Keep up the good work! Well done! God bless!