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Why I Write

September 6, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I write to understand. I can rarely grasp how I feel about a certain situation until pen kisses paper and scribbles form words. I write because my feelings are surpressed, muddled until transcribed to display a memory - to diplay an emotion. I write so that I can be a reader and study myself through the description of an event. I write to truly see. 
    I also write so that I don't forget. So that the significant moments I have lived don't dissipitate into small dots on the timeline of my life. I write so that I dont just remember first days and last days, but also the years of saddness I endured, and the beautiful adventures which occasionally tore me away from those tears. I write so that I can see what I have overcome, and so that I can relish in the astounding experiences in which I partook. I write to remember. 
    I write for other reasons, too. To relax, to have something to be proud of, to impress people. Above all, though, I write for myself. I write because it brings me butterflies when I impress myself with a scentence I have composed. I write because it stills my mind while making me imagine. I write, ultimately, because it makes me content in a perpetually manic world.


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  • engi_aek

    I really love this! It speaks to me on a personal level because many of the reasons that you mention above are why I write too. I just never wrote about it, but that's exactly how I feel and I think you voiced it perfectly. It's simple, true and to the point, but it also has some poetry to it. x

    over 3 years ago