United States


​5th Grade

May 25, 2017

PROMPT: Other Worlds

We sat on the rug in the center of the classroom, listening to Mrs.B read Maniac Magee in her animated, slow, and calm voice. Every word she said I latched onto, a smile playing across my face. All 24 of us with our legs criss cross apple sauced, our hands neatly fold in our laps, a slight slouch in our backs, eyes staring ahead, almost looking at every word that left her mouth. She flipped the page and said the last words of the chapter, looking up and smiling at us as she began to close the book. “What happens next? One more page please”. But that one more page would be read tomorrow, and we all walked out of the cardboard classroom, our brains buzzing with thoughts about Maniac Magee.


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