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Did you like the metaphors? Deep down, this is my fondest wish.

To Fly Ever So High

August 1, 2015


 I see the birds, soaring through the air
living life without out a care
without a thing to keep them afloat 
and I get envious thinking; "you musn't boast". 

Hidden under the evny lies a wish,
a wish to fly ever so high
a wish to touch the sky.
A wish too great 
for anyone to create,
a wish to fly so high. 

Humans have longed wished,
a wish like mine,
a wish that was granted in time. 
But not the right way!
To fly with a plane? 
Who would want that?
When we see birds fly like this!
That was my wish!
To fly like a bird, to soar thoughout the sky!

"Birds have hollow bones"
they said in their own cruel tone,
"Humans cannot fly, we would fall"
they told me and then they began to stall
"Besides," they said "why would anyone want to fly?"
But they do not understand my wish, it isnt as easy as pie
My wish to touch the stars,
my wish to escape a world of gravity,
my wish to flee the horrid scars

To have nothing hold me down.


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  • FantasyWriter

    Jacie I agree with you on this one :) bravo bravo

    about 3 years ago
  • Jacie

    Wow, that's got a lot of feeling! Nice!

    over 3 years ago