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August 1, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I write to escape from the horridness around me. I write to write of dangerous things but make them safe. To let go of the rope that is hanging me on the verge of breakdown. I write to be born in a life but not die in the one I have. I write to define myself from reality and things to great to be even 2% true. I come back to my journal and pencil each day just to pour out my feelings into someone new. To place and lift a burden, to save and leave behind my worries and happy times. To find my happy house and laughing place, my tear shed and anger magement class. I write because the people in stories are always better than the people you meet, even when they're the villians. I write to have a conversation with someone who listens. I write because when you write you make a mystery that someone else must solve. 


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