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Seven Beginnings

August 1, 2015

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Nicolay trudged through her adolescence, stotical and deceptive. These ways of being never changed. Everything else, however, did.
Every day I do three things; I research, I cut, and I pray to the Gods that the Gods will burn.

It was mid afternoon on October 24, and I was debating as to whether I should kill my cousin.

I am dying. I am looking at my life's work. If only it wasn't dying with me. 

The seemingly mundane forest, over the centuries, had run and run from its terrestrial self until it was morphed into an imperium of unknowable acts. It appeared ordinary, but the exploits it housed were far from any earthly concept.

"There isn't a single rational reason to live," she once whispered, "For I am nothing. I only fight for my life because I am not weak and I refuse to collapse before those who see me as inferior."

The bodies came in late October. On roof tops, in the town center, in the woods and in school, mutilated so intensly that their identities were nearly impossible to determine. Had I know what would happen later, I would have dropped to my knees right then and begged the Gods for clemency.



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