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Blame the Fun and Games

May 22, 2017


You see it is funny
To yell at me when I sit in the back of the car
    At every single comment I make
And it is hilarious
    To laugh at me always
And it is a knee slapper to talk
    About how I’m “wack”

And I’ll laugh even more
    When you’re standing with other people
Who are silly
    Who are your friends
And you don’t yell at them about how they’re wack
Or don’t know anything
Or should just shut up.

But the best part of it all
    Is when we are alone
        And everything is different
That is what I find most amusing.
When we are alone and you’d never talk,
    In that tone that has started to make me feel empty inside.
And you’d never laugh or comment or shut me down
    Every time something silly is said.

And you know it’ll all be fun and games
And I’ll brush it all off
    But the laughs that fill the room will turn
Into tears that drip drop on my face.
Because it was all funny
Until you became the reason
    That I couldn’t handle myself.
Until you became the reason
    Why I loved myself less.

Because it is the worst
When the person whose opinion matters the most
Is giving you the opinion
    That you don’t want.

And you will always say
    That you love me
    Admire me
    And never want me to change
But in that moment
    When the laughs turn to cries
    It is the funny words that were heard too often that’ll be to blame.


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