Mr. Raccoon! Mr. Raccoon!
Can't you play with me somehow?
No, I am eating dinner now.

Message from Writer

"Let insecurities be blown away by the wind,
People are just too focused on intangible things."

Tag Tardiness Recklessness Criminals Defiance

August 18, 2015

Child Narrator
We planted our feet onto the pavement beside each others', and watched as Rodney's nimble finger eliminated each player until only two remained; Mine and Susie's.

Each day Jonthan woke up thirty minutes before his classes started. He would jump out of bed, throw on his uniform, and quickly move through his morning hygene. After twenty minutes spent at home, he would bum rush his front door, head to his nearest bus stop, and cuss underneath his breath as the school bus pulled away from him.

Question in reader's mind
The empty streets were all to themselves. Vincent and Naomi's laughter echoed throughtout the neighborhood as the two daring teens ran hand-in-hand through the storm of flurries.

In the rigid mountains of Hyterra there lived a fearsome band of hidden bandits. No local authority dared to pursue them.

Character Description
Natasha stood in her bathroom, before her three-panel mirror, in her night gown. Her dark brown eyes were fixed on the mess sitting apon her head. She sighed in defeat. Her unruly hair lashed out during humid days. It frizzled and stretched its strands in an odd manner that seemed to defy gravity. Bottles of hair products filled the waste bin by her ankles; products she desperately wished she had extras of.


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