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By: caswin1

Here I hide all alone, clenched tight with fear
in a dark little box, nothing to see
My situation's reasoning is indeed quite queer
A hunter is searching ruthlessly
My hunter is my friend, who I held quite dear
Her betrayal is as difficult as can be
I did not make a sound that she could hear
But my hunter spotted me visually
She looked down at me, her face looked sincere
For now the person who's "It" is me


I am not much of a poet, but I hope you enjoy it!

Message to Readers

I would love to hear what you think!!! tysm!

Peer Review

It makes me question games, seeing that they can be interpreted as much more than a game

maybe repetition could have been used to create more tension in this passage.

definitely, the last line because it shows me that this poem is about a game

keep up the good work, this is amazing

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