Rachel A.

United States

I love writing and I typically do poetry and short stories
Music is great
I'm also a huge history buff
And all hail to the og lesbian Saphho

Message from Writer

Hi, have fun reading through my stuff. Most of it is the writing equivalent of jammer tattoos. \( • _•)/


May 20, 2017

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

    She fell from the sky. Landed on her feet with a sword in her hand and a metal plate across her chest. She stood with authority in-front of the capital building. A security guard reached for his walkies and paged the National Guard. Within minuets the swat teem had her surrounded. One of them yelled out telling her to put her sword down. The wind caught the leather flaps of her skirt as she straightened herself upright. The hinges of the knee plates of her boot creaked; making the officers flinch. She reached up to brush the hair out of her eyes and caught mine. She wouldn't break my gaze as I looked her up and down. Wondering from where she could possibly have arrived. Then she ran like the Devil. Right. To. Me.


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