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I'm 17... I remember writing poems at 6, so I guess I've been in this for a while...
I write poems, prose and literally anything there is to write. Dark, lyrical, comedy, kids... name it.
I'd appreciate comments/critique soooo much!

Message to Readers

Started off describing water... Ended up killing the main character.

Drown in mirage

May 20, 2017


Flowing, raging through the sands,
Cascading, rolling down the dunes,
The waves - so cold, so fresh, so grand,
Swallowed the land into the blue.

The hot, dry ground went wet and cold.
The strangling air went fresh and light.
The deep-blue covered the sand-gold.
The hills of sand turned into tides.

And so he watched the desert sink,
All blue - he couldn't see the ground.
All he thirsted was a drink,
And overwhelmed by water, drowned.

Was it a blessing or a lie?
Didn't, at least, he leave in peace?
Thirst is a much worse way to die,
Than death by hallucinated seas.


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