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I'm 17... I remember writing poems at 6, so I guess I've been in this for a while...
I write poems, prose and literally anything there is to write. Dark, lyrical, comedy, kids... name it.
I'd appreciate comments/critique soooo much!

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A very important thought, reflecting off a very old belief.


May 20, 2017

They all say your hand can show your future. Your life paths stretching across the skin of your palms, every fold marking your every experience, and your fingertips imprinted with the truth of your very being. They say your hand  is a map, displaying the future defined in your skin at birth... I disagree.

I say your hands can build your future. Your life path paved by them, your every experience formed by them, your very being formed by them and their actions. I say your hands are your tools, holding your future, moulding your life from birth.


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