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I'm 17... I remember writing poems at 6, so I guess I've been in this for a while...
I write poems, prose and literally anything there is to write. Dark, lyrical, comedy, kids... name it.
I'd appreciate comments/critique soooo much!

Message to Readers

I was just feeling some type of way. Tired, and wanting to write something, but not bothering to make intricate twists.


May 20, 2017

PROMPT: Open Prompt

I'm not well, but I don't feel pain.
There's just I sense I can't sustain
Myself, my body and my brain...
I've lost a strength I can't regain:
Like I am heavied by a chain 
Around my neck, trying to restrain
My every move; like all my veins
Have drained of blood; like I've been slain
But not yet dead, or woke again.
I try to move, but it's in vain,
And in my brain a chaos reigns.
There is a thought I can't restrain,
A feeling I just can't explain,
That makes me question if I'm sane,
But what if I have met my bane?
And I'll have all my power drain,
Die, and leave nothing but a stain,
That will be washed away by rain...
And nothing of me will remain.

Oh how I hope I'm just insane.


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