Well, I guess I like to write stories about things and long story short, this is not a very good biography, don't you agree? :)

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As a wise man once said,
'Stay golden on the inside, and you'll be golden on the outside'


May 19, 2017

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

I stood there, in a state of pure shock. How did it find me, I was sure that it would fall for my quite deceptive trap, I ask myself. Nevertheless, it towered in front of me, making me feel as if I was a tiny, pathetic bug. I could hear its mechanical eyes whirring inside its thick, metal skull as it lunged toward me ever so slightly. It brought forward a metal skeletal hand, which looked more like a dull brown in the moonlight, attempting to touch my face in a gesture of longing. As the icy phalanges of his hand skimmed my face, I smash it back into its chest and try to run away. Anywhere but here. As my feet crunch into the fresh snow blanket that lay here beneath me, the whirring of the metal man becomes much more aggressive and I hear his feet bounce behind me. The screams that escape my mouth aren't really screams at all, but tiny whispers as I barely have any breath yet. My dark brown hair flaps behind me in synchrony with my scarf, a hazard as I know that he can simply grab them and take me away. The forest trees flash past me like the frames of an old picture film, only much more alarming as I come towards a wall of these menacing trees. Breathlessly, I stumble onto the unforgiving forest floor and scramble back on all fours. Cornered, with no place to get out but with the thing. I shudder - if only I didn't get in the way of father's invention and made it think that I was its very own daughter. But now I sense that the mans' feeling of longing is one of hate as he strides up to me. The eyes of red come down to me in the darkness. I desperately try and grasp the tree but it is no use. With one long slash, he will kill me and carry me home like a father carrying his sleeping child. Then he will get his ways and force my real father to create my dead body into a robot as well so we can be a sickening robot duo forever. I take one last breath as I see the glint of his claw inch closer and closer....


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