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I like coffee, alternative music, and historical fiction. My favorite color is green. I'm most likely to be found reading or writing in one of my little hidey-holes, humming a little ditty, always with a lemon-scented candle burning in the corner.

Message to Readers

So... you're holding a piece of my heart. Please treat it kindly. Criticism of the writing itself is gladly accepted, but I ask you to handle the content with care. I very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter. :)

Prelude to "I Found"

May 19, 2017

PROMPT: Lyrics Unsung

Strange, how I've been marked with a scarlet letter; when he pressed himself into me, he seemed so sure of what he was doing, so sure of what he wanted. He was strong, and confident. His movements were strong, and confident. Whatever religion he held to--whatever Bible was resting on the bookshelf across the room while he kissed my neck--it hadn't had so much power over him then. Having been near to me didn't sicken him until after he'd shared my body.

Strange, how so suddenly he seems convinced of his eternal damnation. Does... does my memory fail me? The pastor only deigns to look at me through the very corners of his eyes (too righteous, I suppose, to let me know outright that he spurns me). Christ Jesus washed the feet of sinners with his own hair, he says, but it's clear that I'm beyond hope; what salvation could ever be offered to the girl who corrupted the beautiful Baptist boy?

Strange, how the years we spent loving each other mean so little, now that we've bared to each other more than our hearts. Lust! It's lust to blame, it has to be; it has to be that we succumbed to desires of our flesh, and took our pleasure in the company of the devil. Lust. It's lust I was governed by. Lust--was I a slave to it? Was there any love in my heart when I gave my body to him? Was there any truth to it? Any sincerity? Did I defile him? I swear that I loved him!

Strange, how the passages and verses recited to me seem so manifest, when the words cause a war in my heart. I'm meant to be pining for some divine peace, but I can't bring myself to repent; I've no shame. Did I... did I seduce him? Am I a harlot? Is this what I deserve, this ungracious disdain from the congregation?

Strange, how his love expired only after we'd shared a bed. He took his pleasure, and he left. He repented of his sins and forgot his love for me. He laid his sins on me and not on the cross, I can tell; where a gentle compassion dwelt in his eyes before, revulsion has made its home. There's no place for me in the bed now that he's let the church into it.

Strange, how he insists that he's talking sense, but all I see is that he's lost his mind.

I'll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense
Then you'll lose your mind
I'll use you as a focal point
So I never lose sight of what I want
I moved farther than I thought I could
But I miss you more than I thought I would
I'll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense
Then you'll lose your mind

Excerpt from "I Found" by Amber Run
I leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is a work of fiction. 


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