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Russian Federation

Hi, I am 17, I currently live in moscow. I really like poetry and creative writing, and constantly get inspired by everything. Please feel free to go through my publications and leave feedback, I would love to go through it.

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If you want to chat, dm me on insta: @xmarkhax


May 19, 2017

At night I miss the swinging trees
Outside my window in the breeze.
The moon lit sky, a royal gloom, 
That traced the shadows of my room.

I miss the comfort of my bed,
Sense of security I had.
Each sweet return had felt like home,
A thousand stories and then some.

I used to darn having to wait
On busses that were always late,
But now I’d give up anything
To see the fogs the morning brings.

The cold grey streets, the stained cement,
The high streets strong distinctive scent,
The cyclists rushing past my eyes
All long before the morning rise.

Same route I took five hundred times
To get to school as the bell chimes.
A crowd of close familiar faces
And memories I can’t replace.

I miss the joy and feeling sound
With friends I always had around,
The days we spent having a stroll
Around the city as a whole.

The smiles and laughs, there were so many
But now with distance, hardly any.
A fear so crippling to the knees,
To see them grow without me.

I though ‘my life was anchored now’
So I had let my whole guard down,
I though of Oxford as my home
And to this day I wasn’t wrong.

I had to leave, I wish I stayed.
Commitments ripping me away .
As if the heart ache ain’t enough,
This situation wrecked my path.

A future scratched like a rough plan,
A decade wasted in a span.
What hurt me most in this ordeal,
That pain was caused by someone near.

But life goes on and so did I,
A change of plans just to get by.
But where I go, how far apart,
Oxford is always in my heart.


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