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Serhat E

United States


May 19, 2017


Serhat Engez
    On a Saturday morning in a small village near Black Hill, South Dakota, a boy named Tom McCabe asked his mother “Mom, may I go on a hike?”
    “Okay, but you have to come back before dinner,” his mom replied
    After he ate his breakfast, Tom decided that he would go on the hike. While he was walking he realized that he didn’t know the direction he was headed in. He started to go back, but because he had disoriented himself, he didn’t know where to go. Tom slowed down his pace, headed in what he thought was the way out of the forest.
    As he was hiking Tom heard a sound that made him shudder, and he stopped in his tracks. Tom looked in the direction of the sound, and saw something terrifying. A dirty mountain goat. He threw a rock at it because he was panicked. Then the mountain goat started chasing him. Tom ran. As the goat chased Tom it got distracted by a deer. While the goat was distracted, Tom had enough time to get away. Tom was scared that the mountain goat would come back, so he settled near a cave.
    A while later Tom walked two to three miles, then he found a little creek. Tom drank some water from the little creek. Thinking that the water might fill his stomach he decided to start travelling again. Tom was walking, then he saw some lights. He walked toward the lights. While walking Tom heard something running toward him, it was the mountain goat!!! He started running toward the lights but he tripped over a rock and fell into a lake.Tom quickly gained his balance and started to sprint. The goat crossed the lake and followed him. As the goat started gaining on him, Tom triped and hit his head on the ground. When Tom woke up he realized that this was all a dream.
    Silly me, a goat chasing me? Tom thought.


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