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Grace Hammond


These words
that are my own
Are my blood and
are my bones.

Message to Readers

It's all over the place and not well structured, but anyway.

In Waiting

July 29, 2015


It’s twenty to six and love hasn’t come
It knows as does cupid how surely I wait
Arrows protrude from skin yet don't burden
Still the heart beats melancholy in absence

The raging on the drums approaches steady from abroad
A flame that flickers won’t reach the eyes from the heart
A moment of stillness is what shrouds the spaces
Between each deafening thunder as they pound

In memory I will retain what you said
Back when your words meant more to me than breath
Of all the pairs of eyes to ever bring light to colour
Yours are those which are etched into my brain

Some are born deathless and revel in the madness
And others feel the yearn but it’s smothered by reason
They run for the fire but recoil at its touch
They wonder who is it? when life comes knocking

Many stars are remembered behind my eyelids
The sky is brushed by a lingering light
Heaven does not open for the ones it repels
Is it safe to say those who leave can return?

Flaming through the darkness comes desire in its glory
Around it forms a barricade of ignorance ignored
When it grazes lightly the soul of its possessor
It burns too bright for even heaven to smite

Although insanity beckons with arms wide open
Greif is a tether which holds fast and strong
The world will welcome but it does not miss
Departing is simpler than the rhythm of breath 

Those in the falling cannot stumble
In storms there can be found a priceless beauty
To sailors the boat seems steadier than land
Earth is earth still the same beneath sea or dry

Is water and moon intertwined day and night?
Can soil be dirtied or innocence be purer?
A lyrical labyrinth of turmoil awaits
Seeping through each of the cracks disregarded

Now love and peace cannot be sisters
As fire and snow never can be twins
Unison is equity, it through darkness creeps
Brethren beginning – birthed from sin

Holy is the chaos aloft
Where fate is determined and fortune is made
The maker condemned to create lives not his own
So souls may be born as are bodies

It’s twenty past six and love’s not arrived
Patience is leather and then it is silk
With eyes that are etched inside love’s mind
My journey home is yet to come 


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