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Socially awkward, that's me


July 27, 2015


Sometimes she would turn, but no one was there. Sometimes she thought It'd be different and things would change. But why would she continue to think that? Nothing ever did, she can only bottle. That's the only way to get through the day. Bottle the pain, the loneliness, and the desire. If you ask if she's ok of course her response is yes. Why would she want to bother you with her troubles? Yet she will give you advice and a listener when you need it. Why? Because she knows the feeling. But why won't she talk about her troubles? It's simple, she simply knows she can handle it. She doesn't know if you can, so she helps the weak. This is the girl you would least expect it to be. Be kind to her, her bottle is very full and could be close to breaking. 


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