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Russian Federation

Hi, I am 17, I currently live in moscow. I really like poetry and creative writing, and constantly get inspired by everything. Please feel free to go through my publications and leave feedback, I would love to go through it.

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If you want to chat, dm me on insta: @xmarkhax

If Only...

May 19, 2017

I'd never let such thought inside,
Oh dear if I had known.
No double takes or doubts in mind, 
That night it all had shown.

Our bed was ridden with betrayal
That you had brought upon yourself.
White sheets forever stained in "liar",
You left and didn't need my help.

Perfect illusion crushed at last, 
The truth came flooding out.
His love was weaker than his lust,
I hadn't known about.

For days I drowned in sorry tears
With short lived  gasps for air.
I'd never thought my biggest fear
Was life - without you there.

But just like that I found myself
so lost in lonesome love. 
Numb limbs and lips, and ears deaf
To memories I have.

I cursed the skies for such a turn,
For that dark night's events.
Perhaps if I just hadn't known,
We wouldn't be this mess.

But all's forgiven, and soon forgotten,
If only 'soon' didn't seem so long
So strong I have to be to stride 
To finally, clearly see my goal.

At last the storm will stop its raging,
And beating at me in my head.
My chest won't sink in desperation
with every step, and every breath.

Life will appear clear blue again,
Reflecting joyful souls of skies.
If only soon was closer...
Or I had never met your lies.


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