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The Test Paper

By: Grace Mary Potts

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The tap of pen against desk
The constant parting of lips
As my breath meets the air
The beating of heart in chest
As the clock hand moves
And the test paper’s bare.
Sums and numbers
Glare from blank pages
What they mean, I cannot tell
Should have studied, I think
I open my mouth and let my chest swell,
To release a sigh that's deep and
Filled with regret
Pen touches paper
I consider
I have half an hour yet.

Message to Readers

Altered it a little bit, not too sure if it works or not. I don't write poetry very often and any commentary would be much appreciated!

Peer Review

It's a piece that describes the horror of test-taking.

Vivid, detailed account

The line "As my breath meets the air" for the reasons stated on the text.

Reviewer Comments

Is there a reason you don't include the word 'the' before nouns such as 'pen,' 'desk,' 'heart,' 'chest,' etc? It just is very noticeable that the word is missing.
Besides that, I really enjoyed the piece. Great work!