Grace Mary Potts


My life is comprised of inconsistencies, daydreaming, procrastination techniques and occasionally, writing.

Message from Writer

“You wrote down that you were a writer by profession. It sounded to me like the loveliest euphemism I had ever heard. When was writing ever your profession? It's never been anything but your religion." - J.D. Salinger

I would like to say this quote describes me but I'm one of those writers who just procrastinates all the time. More of a "writer" if I'm being honest. To those unfortunate enough to read my work: I very much appreciate any comment you can provide, particularly if it's the constructive kind.

The Test Paper

July 25, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


The tap of pen against desk

The constant parting of lips

As my breath meets the air

The beating of heart in chest

As the clock hand moves

And the test paper’s bare

Sums laid out before me

Might be Ancient Greek

For all I can tell

Should have studied, I think

I open my mouth and let my chess swell

To release a sigh that’s deep and

Filled with regret

Pen touches paper

I consider

I have half an hour yet.

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