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The World Was Wide Enough

May 14, 2017

PROMPT: Lyrics Unsung

The World Was Wide Enough is the second to last song from the Broadway musical Hamilton: an American Musical. Funnily enough, I wrote this poem before listening to the musical, having been a history nerd before that point. I edited it heavily after listening to the musical, and I admittedly hand-picked a few lines from the song to use as an idea to stick to, a theme. 

A man stands alone
Light eyed fire haired
An early morning, cool
On the cliffs of Jersey
Knows the fate that awaits him
Knows the raven haired man intends
To shoot for blood for the kill.

    He sits in a rowboat
    As they row from Manhattan
    Towards the shores of the
    State across the river
    A river of death.
    Raven hair tied behind his head
    Few wispy curls escaping the black ribbon
    Weary eyes cold and hard,
    Knows what he has to do
    To shoot for blood for the kill.

        They meet in the middle
        On the cliffs of Jersey
        Backs turned, the witnesses bear
        No witness as the metal death
        Stays in their hands
        Tense, waiting, ready to jump at
        The pull of a trigger.

            Wait, he cries, as the cracks echo
            But it is too late
            As the embers of the fire glow before going dark
            And the fire burns out.

                They row back across the river
                The river of death
                The raven haired man gets a drink
                Muses as the wails echo
                The fire burns out
                And the screams of the woman
                Echo through the street.

                    The raven haired man finishes his drink.


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