McKayla Rose

United States

I'm 16 years old and I've been writing since I was in fourth grade. It is such a huge passion of mine and I hope that is very evident :-)

Message to Readers

This is just an honest, little blurb and I hope you all can relate to it :-)

I Write to Feel Alive

July 24, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write


I write to feel alive. 

I write to live a life I will never and can never live. I write to be lifted from societal constraints and expectation. I write because my words give me an excitement nothing else ever could, and if I didn't write, that piece of me would decay. I write to travel between borders, meet new, beautiful faces, and touch the sky - all while never leaving my computer chair. I write because why not, when all these thousands of words live inside me, waiting for me to tap them out on a keyboard. I write beause if I didn't, I would be lying to myself in the worst of ways. 

I write because I can do it alone. I can follow my own routine, jump from world to world as much as I want. I write so I can be free to be me. 

I write to keep the happiest parts of my soul alive. 


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