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Just another girl trying to find her way in the world and using writing to help

Message to Readers

Hi guys! This is just a random little piece but I have't written anything in a while and I just needed to get something down so, thanks for reading!!!

Why I Write...

July 24, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write


Sinking into a world that is better than reality and imagining beautiful places. Creating a world more than blackness for the blind and composing graceful music and sound for those who cannot hear. You can escape the stresses of the world and channel all your feelings and emotions into a character. Making their own problems larger than yours, always seeming to make things feel a little bit better. Anyone can make a huge difference with words; you could change the world with them. They are the most powerful thing in the universe. You can bring people to feel love, anger, sadness, disgust, hate, or help them to be content knowing that they are not alone. You can invent magic, fantasy and anything you like. Having time to do something like writing is necessary to help you love your life. It's okay to put down whatever you like. There are no limits for your imagination.


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