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I would love any reviews, and I probably need help with the structure and details of this piece!!! Thanks!!!


July 22, 2015

PROMPT: Subtotals


Number of pubished works I read in this prompt before deciding to write: 3.  Number of years I have lived: 15. Number of books I've read: 208.  Number of plays I have acted in: 3, number of plays I am proud of being a cast member: 1. Number of miniature dachshunds I have: 2, Number of years I have had them: 3. Number of dogs that stole my heart: 3, number still living: 2, number of dogs I have had: 2.  Number of times I seriously cried: 8. Number of times I lost a loved one: 2.  Number of times I cried at a funeral: 1 (barely). Number of fathers that left me: 1, number of fathers I care about: 0.  Number of Gods I believe in: 1. Number of churches I've been to: 4. Number of times I passed out due to heat in a church: 1. Number of times I passed out due to heat: 3.  Number of nosebleeds I've had: 108. Nummber of allergic reactions I exerienced: 27.  Number of times visiting my grandparents in the hospital: 5, granny: 2 pappy: 3.  Number of times I thought about giving up: 53, number of times I did: 6. Number of times I got frustrated and broke something: 8.  Number of times I've been told "you are such a pretty girl": 402, and number of times I believed it: 278. Number of  words counted by the computer on this piece: 00, number of failed minutes spent trying to write a proper conclusion to said piece: 6.


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