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Rosie Patton

United States

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Hi my name is Rosie, I'm 17 and love to write!


July 22, 2015



Let's be fifteen

Let's live in the moment

Let's hate 

Let's love


Let's do half our homework

Procrastinate on the rest

Feel stressed

Then finally panic


Let's look back

Let's laugh

Look at where we are now

And repeat the cycle


Let's look sophisticated 

Dress like we're twenty

Act like we are thirty

And wish we were ten


Let's jump on trampolines

And try to figure out our physics homework

Let's say we don't care about school

Then freak out and every class


Let's love



And scream all in one day


Let's freeze the moment

Forget about the future for a second

Let's admit our lies 

And accept our truths


Let's be us

Be who we know best

Even if it's only for a little bit

Let's be fifteen 



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