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May 9, 2017


Come in, come in, don’t be shy!
Our deeply blackened souls so bright
welcome friends and strangers just like you.
Here, come, choose your meal!
an unending feast, a sumptuous stream
I promise you, it’s the ultimate dream!
Ah, I see you eyeing that pretty little vial
refreshingly addictive, self-pity is
and ridiculously nice, I'll admit,
a favourite flavour all season round!
Oh, are you reaching for that cake? let me
get it – here – for you!
Insecurity is an excellent choice
I’m glad you’re pretty and smart too.
It can be pretty bitter though, do
remember which side to chew!
Do you want to see this array?
Sure, sure, go ahead! Dessert’s
right at the end, aren’t the colours
ever so beautiful? Oh yes, let me give you
a friendly tip, friend to friend:
don’t go for sweet, sweet resentment yet!
That perfect dessert will be saved, I promise,
for fabulous customers just like you.


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