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I am saved by grace through faith and not by my own merit. I am well known for my sense of humor, but on reading my writing my friends have started to realize that my taste for the dramatic goes well beyond irony.

Ice of Summer, Heat of snow

May 8, 2017


    Once upon a time in a land of stone
    Lived a girl made of laughter, lavender, and bone
    Her heart was heavy, but her troubles were few
     and the tears she shed were little more than 
    She had made her mind, but her heart was her ruler
    for no one could see as her soul grew cooler
    In ice and 
snow her body stood
    no remnant or glow of the sunlight of good.
    She gave up hope of happiness or joy
    but bit her own lip at seeing her own destroyed

    She dove into the lake of tears, just to feel the tide
    and when she no longer feared
    she knew she had survived.

     The world of snow, warm as sun
    would hold her down and have its fun
    but her dreams of summer, cold as ice
    would soon begin to seem quite nice.
    The kiss of sorrow on her cheek
    would make her smile, and feel quite weak.

fell up the glass, as hours began to slower pass
    but truth and dream were not so muddled
    that she couldn't see her mind was troubled.

    A slap, a push, against a wall
    That could never make her fall
still her thoughts, with slime did twist
    the truth of love into a terrible wish.

    For too many lies, even those unbelievable
    would soon make blind
    Deception and deceit for intrigue.


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