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Ode To The Broken Girl

May 7, 2017


There's a guest in me
A guest that has named themselves Anxiety
And suddenly I'm too blind to see
That I? I am sick
And those around me must be thick 
To think that I am alive and well for the exterior 
Is not what my interior hides
I try 
And fail 
To find a happiness that doesn't exist 
I am but hollow tree stump that lives to resist
The help from those who tell me they care

And suddenly I am no longer me
But the she that they want me to be
I know nothing but pain in my heart
The emptiness that starts 
To consume and fume and suddenly I have no room
I am filled up with regrets
My mistakes live in houses inside my head 
And each night I go round the block
Trick or treating for memories 
That hide in me 
And suddenly
I - can’t - stop.


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  • Super0smitty

    This is really well put together !! I love the style and tgw word choice !! Great job !!

    about 3 years ago