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A 16 year old girl who is really passionate about her writing and making stories come alive.

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Comment on the characters, the complexity ( how to make them more 3-D or did they feel 3-D), how you felt, were you confused, where were you hooked to the story, and how the voice of April was.

I Dreamed Of You

July 22, 2015



The world had flipped upside down for me. Quite literally.

I stand on the floor, which was the ceiling. So I am technically standing on the ceiling. I think.

Just thinking about the situation I’m in makes my head spin. I know this is a dream. But as I streak my fingers along the fluffy clouds, it seems all too real.

“Well, maybe it is real.” I swing my head towards the new voice. A little Asian girl, with peachy skin swam on the air wearing a blue collared dress.

I didn’t know what I was seeing. “Are you…swimming on air? How is that possible?”

This had to be a dream.

The girl merely giggled, and then began to float. “Well, why not? It’s fun, so I do it. Doesn’t that make sense, April?”

I shook my head. “No, none of this makes sense. How do you know my name? Where am I?” As far as I could tell, we were still having this conversation upside down. Why were my feet sticking the sky?

The girl flipped in midair and floated next to me. “I’m Nari. I mean you know me, and I know you. April, you’re my best friend!”

I was completely lost. Completely. “Look kid, I’ve never seen you before in my life. I just want to wake up already.”

There was no other way everything could be so nonsensical.

“Nothing is impossible! And you’ll remember me. Just let me take you on a journey! Everything will make sense then.” Nari took my hand, and began to pull me forward. I shrieked as my feet left the sky.

Endless white stretched down underneath us. My shrieked jumped around the walls of the dream, resounding. “We’re going to die like this! I’m telling you, we have to stop! Stop!”

Nari merely laughed as the wind began to comb through our hair. This child was insane. If I didn’t save us, we would end up dead.

“Look, Nari is it? We need to get out of here! Quickly!” I said, and Nari rolled her eyes.

“You were never such a bore April! What happened to your imagination?” Nari yelled as she jerked me forward.

I furrowed my eyebrow. “What does that even mean-” Suddenly our bodies plummeted down, as the wind rushed through our faces. My heart skipped as a black hole awaited us below. We were going to die.

“April, imagine something already! Do it!” Nari yelled over the howling winds. I could barely tell what this kid wanted anymore.

“I don’t know what you mean!” I screamed. The blood began to pump in my veins as the while the whole tried to eat us.

Nari didn’t reply and merely crossed her arms.  Okay, now the child was ignoring me. What in the world was I supposed to do? But I had to do something. And do that something fast.

She said to imagine. Alright, I had to imagine. What? What could I imagine? It was impossible. I had to stick to what was realistic. And this wasn’t realistic. Why did everything slap me in the face when I’d thought I had gotten my priorities straight? I’m one big mess.

Nari squeezed my hand as tears fell down my face. Nari smiled. “Nothing is impossible. As long as you can chase that dream, you have a world of opportunities. Everything is limitless. Don’t give up April. Because I believe in you. You can save us.”

She…believed in me? Was this really possible? To save us? I had to try. I had to think of anything, anything-

My back hit something soft, and I squealed. “Cotton candy clouds!” Ridiculous, but it worked. It worked.

Nari giggled. “For a second, I thought we were really in trouble.”

I gave her a hesitant smile. “You’re a little weird, but I think you’re a good kid.”

Nari smiled, showing off her dimples. “Just remember, don’t give up. You are…”





I file through my stuff in my bedroom after my dream. My mom is helping me out. It was so wild, so vivid, and crazy. It was almost real. But of course it wasn’t.

Though it did remind me of the things I’d given up on.

I pulled out a few drawings from the box. Maybe it wasn’t a waste. I was my dream after all.

A glint caught my eye, and I saw a picture frame.

“Weird. Why is that here?” I didn’t put those picture frames in boxes, usually. I look closely. There is tiny me, with chestnut skin and raven black hair. Of course with a few missing teeth! I giggle. And then…I look closely. What?

“Nari?” I whispered. Was she real?

A box crashed down behind me, causing me to see my mom shaking. She scrambled to pick it up. I bent down to help her. Did she know Nari? Or was it someone else?

“Mom, who is this in the picture?” She was silent before she sighed and took the frame.

“You were best friends with this girl. But you were young when it happened. She died when you guys were playing on the street. I-I… never wanted you to see this…” Her body wracked with sobs.

My body went numb. So what was that dream? Was it real? A message? A simple dream?

I didn’t know. But I knew one thing.

I dreamed of you, Nari. I dreamed of you.


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