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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.


July 17, 2015

PROMPT: YOU in threes



It's obnoxious and loud. Rough and long. It's the cause of the deep lines around my mouth. Others love it and some hate it. I spent a long time trying to change it and it never will. I'm okay with that. Laughter keeps me alive.


Eyesight so bad, it takes a while to focus on the world. Eyes so hidden behind plastic, people don't realize I even have them. Take them away and the scene is in another demension. Glasses don't change the fact that I see more than others do. 


Cracked and chubby. Fingernails long and ready to scratch out eyes or click against a table. Pain shoots through because of years of instrument playing. Permanent indents from pens and from violin bows. My hands are a mess, but they do create some beautiful things.





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